[Suggestion] Promo Changes

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Seanawesome14, Feb 13, 2016.


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  1. So recently I was having a chat with a good friend of mine, and we both thought that the promo market had gone downhill, and too many promos were out there for people. My suggestion is we remove the ability to buy promos in /shop (with exceptions). Now you may think Sean that's so stupid, go bury yourself under a rock and never suggest anything again. And I can see where you're coming from, with an exception. Now I understand things that are in /promo as a bundle being sold individually, but as bundles get more and more common, we may need to not sell those items too. Doing this would be beneficial to the promo market by limiting the amount out there. You can still hoard the crap out of these suckers though, there will still be a ton out there, just not as many. You'd just have to buy them off of players. This would not only increase the "rarity" of promos, but also help out some newer players who want to sell promos to gain some money, or even older players who don't care about promos.