[ SUGGESTION ] Private Message Group Chat

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Good idea to add into the game?

Yes, I love it 13 vote(s) 76.5%
No, I hate it 2 vote(s) 11.8%
Maybe, No clue 2 vote(s) 11.8%
  1. Hello Everybody,

    Today I have a suggestion to make.
    Sometimes your messaging players and players,
    and it gets a bit difficult.
    So why not make a Private Message Group chat?
    It may cost lots of coding or a bit less but, it seems like a great
    idea to add!


    /chat add aCookieGod
    /chat kick aCookieGod
    /chat end

    These may be some commands to control this new feature.
    Maybe some other commands such as :

    /chat host - To check who is hosting the Group Chat
    /chat leave - To leave this chat

    Some rules may be [ More would be added ] :
    Only allowed to participate in 3 group chats maximum.
    No swearing, spamming or using full caps.

    I know there are already chats such as Local chat , Residence chat.
    But those chats have a specific range.

    This would be really helpful if your mining in a group of
    friends, or if your just talking about business, and if
    you just want to make your life a bit easier etc.

    Please tell me if you like this idea, if it should be added or
    its a bad idea and you do not support. All comments
    are appreciated!
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  2. Me gusta ;)

  3. Maybe a supporter perk being able to Host your on chat room?
  4. Great idea but, some others may want to use it and that is not a supporter. Would be useful for all players
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  5. supporters already have this :D its called supporter chat. in it we make plans to troll the non supporters into submission just dont ask me about the plans, they are classified :D
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  6. But, supporter chat may be crowded also. If there is a Group Chat it would be easier to see whos speaking :p
  7. Support.
  8. well in that case you could always try the various third party chat systems availible to you
  9. Hmm I sit on the fence

    But thought you can talk in groups on Local and residents and also in the wild together.
  10. *reads first 3 lines*

    *sees grammar mistake*

    Anyone know a pretty cheap laptop I can buy?
  11. ^- Internet troll. Has nothing to do with question
  12. Haha I just did it really quickly. My bad :)
  13. Yes Local would work, but what if your far away from each other, and with loads of friends.
    This may be helpful
  14. -_- That's what I linked to...
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  15. O I see lol. Oops well I pointed it out. XD
  16. Well, fail thread.
  17. I believe i've said this elsewhere on a similiar suggestion, but something thats coming 'soon' will cover your desires here. It won't be exactly as you posted, but the overall goal will be met.
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