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  1. Hello Again Everyone!
    Just recently I thought of something to do with links in message signs that would make them a little bit nicer looking. My idea incorporates something called Markdown into message signs. The main portion of markdown that this would target is links, which use the following format:
    [Displayed Text](Link)
    The text in the square brackets would be displayed, and if clicked, would open the link.

    I have also put some though into this about those that might say it's a bad idea because you don't know what link you're really clicking. My defence would be to either rely on the player that's clicking the link to either have the "Prompt on Links" setting enabled in "Options -> Chat Settings" or simple use the Confirmation window like what's used when giving the admin flag to players on a residence which displays the link that will be opened on the piece of paper.
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  2. How exactly would you go about creating said sign?
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  3. It would be the same as a normal message sign, all you would have to do is use the above format to define a link with custom text. by default, if someone just pastes in the link, it would display the link.
  4. +1 Its nifty add-ons like this that can benefit a lot of users in the future
  5. I'm just wondering how to get said link into the sign without typing directly into the sign

    Not necessarily small bit.ly links - but big links...

    Would there be a command system to give you temporary url aliases to use within the sign before the data is saved?
  6. I think that is a decent idea that is really cool +1