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Should we have a 'post w/o bumping'?

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Yes!! 4 vote(s) 28.6%
No 5 vote(s) 35.7%
Maybe 2 vote(s) 14.3%
  1. Hey EMC! Today or everyday I always wanted to post on some of my older forums but I didn't want to bump them. This helps a lot because we can prevent an unneeded bumps on a post. In addition, it would still tell people who are watching that forum. On top of that, we could post little notes like "thx" or "cool" w/o having to bump it. A 'post without bumping' would be extremely useful.
    10 posts and I will show you a mutant blueberry!!
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  2. yes plz!
    would be pretty useful for auction threads too
  3. There would have to be some kind of cooldown timer to prevent abuse
  4. Because of spam? You still get in trouble for that anyway.
  5. Better to prevent it automatically then to cause more work for staff :)
  6. Yes lets cause aikar more work :)
  7. I think you read it wrong...:confused:
  8. See, this is also something we could use 'post w/o bumping' for
    (lets make PWB, 'post w/o bumping')
  9. Totally agree with this idea!:)
  10. Meh... People are on at different times and some threads should be active throughout the day, it'd be more of a delayed discussion, rather than a live discussion like we have it now. If this was done it'd just be another annoyance, and the fate of threads would rely on when someone pressed f5.. No thanks.
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  12. To bump mebe you have to type [Bump]
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  13. although I certainly see the uses, I think the current system is perfectly fine and giving players the option to not bump would cause many threads to go unnoticed. If anything, maybe an automatic system that doesn't bump threads when the post is 3 characters or less since that is probably going to be spam or "ok." There is also the question of whether this is possible since EMC uses a not custom forum software. Many thread rely on the bump to bring them into the spotlight and losing that will damage the forum community.
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  14. was thinking of it as a button like the post reply button
    Well I would take out that part of limited characters because one, It could be a small phrase, and two, what if we (don't) want to bump.
  15. the problem with letting a person not bump a thread is evident if they can choose to not bump anything. If everyone chooses to utilize it often, the recent threads list will be inaccurate and many threads will never see a place on it. Soon the threads will die or not get the attention they deserve. In the long term, new players and old ones will begin to feel ignored because they have so little in their threads. This is why this would be bad. A possible solution is instead have a second button to directly reply to something and have it appear under the post it is being replied to. this can be found on other forums although the limitation come in with using this forum system. Even this method isn't perfect but is less likely to result in "inactive" threads with lots of activity.
  16. The owner can still bump, if the owner doesn't then the thread shouldn't be active anyways.
  17. But should the owner need to babysit their thread and fill it with a swarm of bumps that make the thread look unprofessional and full of spam?

    I don't think it is a bad idea, but the ways of implementing it now without completely changing the forums would be too harmful.
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  18. Awesome idea, I think the auction section needs this especially, and for those who want fast access to that section we could maybe implement a direct link to the auctions page on the forum pull-down tab on the home page. Just a suggestion if this gets listened too.
  19. heh... gets listened to... Almost nobody reads my suggestions. In fact almost this is the most post I got on a suggestion
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