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  1. My suggestion is simple: Not counting post count in auctions.

    I just thought of this meanwhile I was going through an auction with like 250000000000000000000000 Bumps.

    I just thought since these forums are just meant for bidding (Saying like 5 numbers per post and mass amount of bumps) I don't really think such player's Bid,Bump,Post there should be counted.

    Give me your thoughts.
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  3. I like the concept however I've already run into a few problems in my head;

    1) What if the person genuinely needs to answer a question, share a detail about where to pick up, ect. and their over the limit? This system most likely wouldn't be

    2) The forums are only somewhat customization-able. Unlike the servers, we aren't free to do as we please and code what we need. This runs on software that only offers specific features. I'm sure that it could be possible to limit someones posts - like how we have to wait 20-something seconds to post,

    3) but players would need to get mods to post things for them, ect.

    To add onto this - I also think that it would be great to have the option to edit and delete posts in the auction forums ONE MINUTE (or less) after you posted them.
  4. Not really. EMC owns a licensed copy of Xenforo, which allows then to install any mods/plugins for Xenforo that they wish. You can make a plugin for pretty much everything.

    It's all hosted by EMC - not by Xenforo, so EMC can do pretty much whatever it wants.
  5. Hmmm, that makes sense. How does one go about making a plugin? But would they be just visual plugins - so say if you wanted to add one that limits how many times you can post in one forum, would that be available too?
  6. There is a certain amount built into Xenforo, quite a bit actually. I use it for my forums. You can customize it through an awesome GUI menu at www.domain.com/admin.php
  7. Yes.
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  8. This is distantly related to the topic, this might work, but like alex said it could get confusing.
    (How do I see the top posters on EMC?)
  9. Members sidebar :)
  10. Gracias mi amigo.
  11. Nooooooooo please
  12. If you are interested in your Like ratio, this idea might help since auction posts don't get too many Likes. If people were more thoughtful about their posts, especially auction bumps, we wouldn't be talking about this.
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  13. ^^^This guy will. Lol.
  14. Yes! This is a bad idea!
  15. There goes me reading it wrong >.> Haha, my bad. :)
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