[SUGGESTION] Please Don't Make This an RPG Server

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by JZH1000, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. In the direction The Empire is going right now I feel like this server will become a role play server. The main reason I joined this server was so I could go hunt in the wild and be safe, setup a store, and live in a civilized place. RPG adds quests, and I just want this to be minecraft. I don't want this to turn into a "World Of Minecraft" (World Of Warcraft reference)
    Thanks for reading my request,
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  2. +1 i am also in agreement to this
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  3. EMC can't really help against everything, blame Jeb for making Minecraft from a sandbox to a RPG.
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  4. I don't think empire will ever become a RPG, they try to keep the simple minecraft survival, but having RPG (Dragon Tombs) doesn't force you to play it, you can still play at a outpost
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  5. champ does have a point. lolol xD
  6. EMC is a vanilla survival server, so changes jeb makes directly affect us, if we were a Minigames server what Jeb did would not effect us if we did not want it too. /random thoughts
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  7. I don't quite see where your concerns might be coming from, all the stuff you mentioned you can still do, quite comfortably. If EMC does add some of the features you don't agree with, you could just not do them and stick to what you like doing, it will all be optional.
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  8. ;) Valid point
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  9. The reason I made this thread was because I feel like EMC will become a quests server. I really don't want magic as it is a hard to avoid feature.
  10. Like me and RainbowChin said, it's optional so if you don't like any feature really, you can avoid it!
  11. EMC will always and forever be, a do what you want server. Will there be some form of quests or dungeons? Maybe, but they will be voluntary, majority of how you will play, will continue to work to the same way. We may add new features, but we will not get rid of the old ones. Want to have fun with friends in more dungeon like evironment, go to EMC, want to just build what you want and never talk to anyone? go to EMC, want to try and play a crazy economy game and get super rich? I hear EMC is a cool place to go.

    We want to appeal to everyone where we can, without sacrificing gameplay to others.