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  1. Hey guys, wolff here!
    So, with my "Iron Club," service, I have people pay for an entrance, then they get cheap iron. With that, I don't know if they are buying cheap iron or the entrance fee.

    Many shops, events, etc. can use this.
    Example of How it works:
    *Shop Sign*
    *"[REASON]" Sign*
  2. Messed the QA up....
  3. I really don't think it's needed, because you have a few alternatives:

    Just check your rupee history. It'll say if they bought iron for 1r or 100r.

    Have players pay you manually with a payment reason. It will show in your history.

    Put 265-Entry Fee on the last line. This will sell iron for 100r and explain what the cost is for.

  4. For membership and 2 DC of free iron ingots I will build you a system to automatically read the history and tell you since it was last run who bought memberships and even at any time what level the iron was at.
  5. You can do stuff like "Potato-magic", but I'm not sure if it logs to rupee logs.
  6. I just checked and, unfortunately, it doesn't work.
  7. Thanks ^-^
    I'm getting on it now XDXD
    We should get Aikar to fix it....
  8. It says "entry free" in your screenshot.....
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  9. Shhhh XDXD