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  1. I'm not sure if this was posted before, it wasn't on the main "Already Suggested Ideas" thread and I didn't really want to take the time to look through 50+ pages of threads for it, but here it goes

    Cities. More specifically, cities run by players. I've been on other economy servers that were set up similarly to EMC's servers and the player run cities allowed more ways for players to interact with each other and make money. Basically, a player would buy a large plot (Something like 100 x 100) of land that would be divided into smaller plots (10 x 10, 20 x 20, etc) with walkways/roads in between. Said player would have control over each plot in the city and could sell the plots to other players that would be allowed to build on them. This way each city could be themed and/or decorated however the player that purchased the city would like. For instance, I had a city on another server that was themed after the forest, with tree houses and such. The cities would cost a lot, but allow the player that purchased the city a chance to earn their money back by creating a nice city with good lot prices. It would cause a sort of competition, similar to how there is currently competition between player shops. Each city owner would want to make their city as nice as possible to get people to live there so they could make a profit. Expansions could be purchased by the city owner to increase the amount of plots in their city, but only after certain criteria is met, such as having all of their plots filled with players that are currently living in their city, this way it allows players to expand their active city, but doesn't allow someone with a lot of money to purchase an insanely large city and have nobody living there. If a player goes inactive for a certain amount of time, their plot within a city goes up for auction, and other players can purchase it. A central hub could be built that has portals to all of the player run cities on the server. That way players looking to buy a lot in a city can go to the portal hub and explore all of the different cities before choosing one to live in.

    This is just an idea that I really liked from a server I played on that is no longer active, and that I've been trying to find in other servers but haven't had any luck. I really like Empire Minecraft so far and would love to see something like it implemented
  2. Hello,
    We have something very similar planned called "Empires", where you will be able to start an Empire as we currently have "Outpost Establishment" (It's honestly the same thing, just outpost was the older name people used, but we want it to be called Empires, but it hasn't caught on yet lol). Outpost establishment is a "Political" first step to the overall goals.

    This will be land claiming in Frontier with player managed flags, similar to town, including the ability to expand and control subsections.

    No fine details are out yet, just that we know the general idea that we want to achieve, and we want to design the server with a well made "design", so we're not rushing that feature in sacrificing quality.
  3. So if I want to start something like I described I should start getting an establishment in the Frontier now using the requirements on the Outpost Establishment wiki page?
  4. Yes.

    While it won't physically stop a griefer, it does empower you to political power over an area as long as you follow the guidelines.
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  5. Sweet thanks!