[SUGGESTION] Player muting

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Good idea?

Yes :D 21 vote(s) 100.0%
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  1. If a player is being annoying, or has committed a rule breaking that he shouldn't be kicked for or banned for, an online mod or admin can type
    /mute player Example 10 minutes.
    Or something.
    This will stop the person being able to type in chat (but still use commands) for the set time.

    If you say no, please explain your reason. I don't want the stupid bear or a no meme showing up.
  2. In my eyes, EVERY rule break warrants a kick or a ban. However, SYSTEM mutes (like the kicks) could work well...
  3. It could probably work if the player was arguing with multiple people as a warning before a kick. Or they were spamming the chat or annoying a person in a PM.
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  4. Yeah, I agree with what Jack was saying (I think he was saying that) but I'll try and branch off of it;
    Players can /votemute someone,
    when the number of votes to mute someone reaches a certain point, the system will mute them for 1 hour/or another time that suites best.
    Then when a mod logs into Square, they are alerted and can unmute/ban the person.

    I know something like an automatic mute type of thing was suggested by Justin when Square first cam out and this issue was brought up;
    • Players asking others to /votemute a person for unfair reasons.
    Also, I think "fair reporters" votes should be able to count as 2 or 3 votes.
    Sorry for starting something completely different. I just wanted to bring this up again as it would be extremely useful. :p
  5. I like the idea, with some qualifications: - Additionally, Aikar would be the one programming it, so I'm not sure how difficult it would be to create.

    The number of players to set off a votemute should be 5 or more to prevent abuse (though still not sure about #)
    A toggle function for players to be able to votemute or not in square. If you have proven to abuse the system, it would be removed.
    Another toggle could be in place for "fair reporters", but that would be on our side in square.
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  6. I like it.
  7. Not very difficult, I made something a little bit like this a few days ago. If it was tweaked a little bit more it would be the same thing I have just suggested :p
    How about just remove it from that player only? Say for instance they vote muted somebody just because they were a different race, and tried to votemute them 3 times in a row, they would be banned from votemuting (lets just forget we can ban them from EMC for this example).
    Also, i'm playing with the idea in my head. It could cost a few rupees to votemute somebody, or you could have a limit depending on what supporter you are...
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  8. I have seen it done on diffrent servers it works really well
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  9. That was what my "A toggle function for players to be able to votemute or not in square. If you have proven to abuse the system, it would be removed." Was - it would be togglable for individual players.
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  10. There is this on a certain skyblock server i play on, i think it uses PWNfilter
  11. I do like this idea, except that I would suggest that /votemute would work kinda like /report.
    In that /votemute wound not automatically mute someone until a mod looked at all the votes received and then decide whether or not to mute that person.
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  12. Yeah, that's kind what we're getting at but when the required number of /votemutes is reached, the player is muted by SYSTEM until a moderator reviews the situation. :)
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  13. Yes, because people would just abuse the feature constantly if it was just auto-mute. :)
  14. Don't we have the /ignore command in place, though?