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  1. Hey guys,
    I was thinking about how it would be cool if it was possible to have here on the forums, a player count. It would be move up one every time a new person joined emc. I would say yes to keep the original part in the members section, but just something extra lol. Yes it is pretty much useless, but i thought that it would be pretty cool to have. Im not sure if it would be possible to do this, but i just put this out there to see if it can be done.
    Thanks! :)
  2. I don't get what you mean. Maybe because it's 3AM in the morning, I can't sleep and my 13 year old body is to stressed out by being awake at 3AM, or I genuinely don't get what you mean :p
  3. There is one on the bottom right of the page, under "Forum Statistics" :)
  4. By this i mean like a counter that moves up a number every time a new member would join, so if the number was at 65,345 and a new person joined, it would move up one number to 65,346 :)
  5. Ahh i see lol, but maybe make it more visible? Im not sure, i never noticed that lol
  6. Going with the idea, I think something like on would be nice to add in the header that talks about what the server is would be nice.
  7. We have it lol.
    It's at the bottom of the home page.
    Forum Statistics

    Latest Member:
  8. To be honest, though, I think 'Members' should be reworded to 'Players signed up' or something similar ... because we technically don't have that many people playing ... I mean yes they were or are members, but a lot are banned or left after stopping by and don't actually 'play' anymore.
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  9. So like a "How many people this player has recruited" type thing? >_< Sounds cool, might even spawn some competitions... :)
  10. oh :p that's not what i was meaning haha, but that might work as well ;)
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