[Suggestion] Piston Chest

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  1. Piston chest is a plugin that allows items that are dropped to be pushed into a chest, furnace etc with a piston:



    I think that it should be added as then donation systems can auto take any item so they dont disappear!

  2. Comments anyone?? I wanna know ideas and can a mod add a pole?


    Good Idea?

  3. Eh...i dont know what to think about this one...anyone else have an opinion?
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  4. It would be good for mob grinders/wheat/sugarcane/cactus/egg farms. I don't see why not, it wouldn't majorly impact the server.
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  5. Also stop lag! Because when the item drops people can set it to push into the chest using trip wire people it falls
  6. I can already see how many people are gonna dupelicate items with this plugin =)
  7. Sorry but we rarely use other plugins unless they add significant gain to the Empire. This is too little to bother with.
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  8. How are they going to duplicate than?
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  9. This does it stops lag and helps donation boxs so items dont despawn or lag
  10. One problem that I've seen is that people could use the plugin to make a cobblestone gen that automatically gens the blocks then pushes them into a chest. A simple redstone pulse could run it, and the worth of cobblestone would plummet.
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  11. There are many ways to exploit a plugin, and I know for sure how to exploit this plugin.

    I test ways to dupelicate items on a private server with my friend, I find ways to dupelicate and I report it. I don't use them to benefit myself, but to get rid of it :)
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  12. or increase there is a demand for cobble or even stone so make a stone + cobble gen going into a chest and boom you got a quick money way
  13. A cobble/stone gen that requires no work except building it - similar to how sand gens work...
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  14. So the answer is nope without anymore to say :)
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  15. The main thing is we do not use others plugins unless its absolutely awesome.

    What if we added this, then the next patch the author has abandoned the plugin?

    We'd be in a stuck position not being able to update our server without dropping this plugin.

    Taking away a feature people are use to is not a good thing.

    We simply prefer to code our own features so we can easily maintain it and integrate it properly into the empire.

    This is simply not worth the effort though, it doesn't provide enough gain.
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  16. Make one? :p Or do a poll thingy asking if people want it because i think they will and its a good idea
  17. Like Aikar Said If the owner doesn't make a 1.4 We would have to take it away (or don't use 1.4)