[suggestion] Permanent day in town

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Good idea?

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  1. I personally feel that eternal day in town would be very nice. I have been building at 3110 with black stained glass recently, and it is so miserable to work with, even with gamma turned on 15/night vision potions it is so miserable I have to wait for day. Yes, this does mean that daylight sensors will not work, so maybe add a command to turn perma-day on. Perhaps /day, /night, and /normal. Something of the sort would be greatly appreciated. I am sure it can be done, I have seen in on some survival games servers. Please leave comments or constructive criticism if you want to improve the idea.
  2. In order for it to be optional, wouldn't that mean individual residences would be at different times? How would that work.
  3. Different players and residences could have the settings. Res times come first, then player times.
  4. I appreciate that it always being day helps with farms or whatever. However, I much prefer the cycles of day and night, sunrises and sunsets, and changing weather to add to amazing things you can build. It keeps things moving and interesting, and looking different and therefore more interesting.

    I don't think you can control day/night per res. And even if you could, it would be extremely weird.. I don't think I'd like it. Utopia is always day right? So there is that option.
  5. There are mods that can do this, but as of last I heard, they are considered illegal. Although, they were illegal because of how the were packaged with Xray mods, but even alone, they add a considerable advantage to the players who use them.
  6. This might work with player only time because essentials has /ptime.
  7. I am not sure if it will work or not, but if it could work, wouldn't it be accompanied by significant lag? The server would have to track and send out different data to each player, and that would be a constant resource waste.
  8. Well can we remember that a perk of having a utopian res is perpetual daytime. Having it day on every server even if it was user choice per res would make a feature utopia has usless and also i believe res having the choice per res would be to trick, impossible or, just create alot of uneeded lag a few torches could fix. This also could destroy redstone functioning by a day light sensor.
  9. I would believe it would be per player, so just /day and it would permanently set your time to 2000, or /night and 22000. Something of the sort. I have seen it on other servers.
  10. Utopia Town has permanent daytime. Support to claim a residence there c:
  11. Most people are not getting what I mean. There should be a command (like in essentials) where you can set your own time without affecting anyone else. There would be a real time that the server keeps track of, for daylight sensors and such, but each player could choose how it actually appears. There is also a gamerule command for it, and it just freezes time.

    I already have a residence there, and it would not be good for building a mall as no one is ever on. .-.
  12. I'm pretty sure it's utopia only because u could set it to all day and your cops would flourish
  13. So you're basically suggesting that each individual player's time table should "APPEAR" different, but still be set to server's natural time, thus allowing people to change how the day and night cycles occur without actually harming the servers main day/night cycle and preventing people from being able to create super-farms or ruin the daylight sensor's mechanics. Interesting idea, although it kind of kills the game's vanilla feel if I could just prevent it from being night on my screen.
  14. Well i dont know if it is legal and you just want it light all the time for yourself jack up our gamma or something. I would consult find the legality of that situation but if you just want light personally they why have emc go for the trouble if you can make the alterations legally ourself
  15. Yea, if it was a player only thing, that would have to be client side. EMC cannot do that for you.
  16. There is a command, /ptime, that can set the time just for the player who uses the command. It can set it to ticks, day, night, etc. Also, it can keep it at a certain time by using an @. For example, /ptime @6000ticks would keep the time at 6000 ticks (my favorite time of the day). It doesn't need any client side mods, just a few things to be done on the server. Aikar could probably make his own version if he wanted to / had the time.
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  17. Right. so you use a server based command to tell your client to always be day? So there must be a client-side control for day/night time. hmm... would this just be a case of the server allowing the client to set time? a permission
  18. I am sure there is something of the sort, I have seen a client mod where you could toggle noon. It is outdated now.
  19. It would be nice if day was twice as long :)
  20. i feel this is still a survival server and that we should try not to stray to far from vanilla, i can recall that is why some features we have and dont have.