[Suggestion Perks]

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by JolleyRogers, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. I have seen many suggestions on extra perks for supporters. Most seem to involve more rupees. As a supporter i have a suggestion. The buying and onetime placement of bedrock. All supporters would be able to buy and place it, but once it is placed all properties and rules concerning bedrock apply. Iwould love to be able to build a bridge across the periodic reset zone and not worry about it getting griefed.
  2. I think supporters get enough perks as it is, supporting is not about getting perks, it is about supporting the server.
    And to the bedrock idea, no, it could be VERY abused.
  3. Although people think that supporters are the most trustworthy they can't be. Yes they have more to lose but, being supporter makes them lower to suspision and there are really sad people that will spend money on accounts -> supporter -> grief. Because it looks less likely and as my signature does say:
    'You can be anything you want on the internet' If I was a new account I could say I have won the lotto and got 50 million or something and change the story each time so then people wont catch onto me that im the same person