[Suggestion] Paying rupees on the website

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Is this good?

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  1. Suddenly you go to a place with no laptop to play EMC on, and you owe money to a person. But on the website you can't pay him anything! Then you get banned for scamming a player permanently. But what if...The website had a section of the website to pay a player! The type in the player's name in the form, and then how much they have to pay. Then they send it to the player and the person that gets the money will get it through the game, or on the website. They redeem the form to get the rupees. Is this is good idea? BTW my enter isn't working on this thread for some reason :/ Thanks and Cheers, -Shyguy
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  2. Pretty sure this has been suggested before.
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  3. Really? Did you like the suggestion?
  4. I believe this would be a great addition to EMC, players can bank online kind of like a middleman system. Also players can never claim they did not have the opportunity to give the rupees/item to the buyer. Great idea.
  5. Like Nefcu, cause they are not a bank :p
  6. But NEFCU says they aren't a bank but they are a bank

    Crazy right? But in retrospect what I am suggesting isn't a bank, just gladly paying rupees to someone online when you don't have access to a game of minecraft and your account or EMC.
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  8. -/+ idk people could scam with this but it is a good idea
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