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  1. Hello all!

    I am not a coder of any sort, and have not ever claimed to be, but is it possible to somehow integrate a feature into EMC's main website to pay someone rupees? Whether it is automatic or a staff member has to do it, I don't think its a problem either way, but i, among many other people go onto the forums from our phones and we obviously can't pay someone rupees while on a mobile device..... So I figured it would be a great feature!

    A few practical ways to use this is if you need to pay someone for an auction by a certain date and you cannot get onto a computer for a while, then you'd be able to conviently.

    Another scenario was if you needed to pay someone rent (whether its storage fees, apartment fees, or even a building plot for in a wild outpost and you want to reserve a plot)

    I don't know how plausible this is, but I thought it was worth a try
  2. To be able to pay from the website is a good idea, bit weird its not already a thing. But maybe its a security thing.
    Good idea though Mr Bond.
    Maybe M will approve.
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  3. Something like this has been suggested in the past. The staff members just don't really have a way to do this yet, and it's been turned down more than one time.
  4. This has been suggested many times in the past and it simply isn't possible at this moment in time. Not much else that I can say other than that as that's all I have heard before.
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  5. #wellbahhumbug :oops:
  6. You'd think with today's technology something like this would be possible
  7. It's just simply that the site provider can't link to the game of Minecraft in such a way I believe, someone correct me if I'm wrong!
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  8. Thanks. The name's Bond-- James Bond
  9. I understand. Before posting this thread i thought in the same direction as you, thinking that it wasn't possible
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  10. It's a shame that it isn't possible as no doubt, it is a great idea and it would be a very nice feature to have, though as stated, just not possible at this time :p
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