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  1. Pvp is a ton of fun, but after the time in the wild we lose our armor and cant pvp :( my suggestion is when you left click a pvp teleportator you will enter but in a different mode(thought you will have to pay 50 rupees). In the following "mode" every kill will give you a little durability to your armor, tools, and weapons. Every time you die in the mode... you lose a little bit durability of your armor, tools, and weapons.
  2. Or just get two sets of armor... I can see this mode getting people pissed, as they might die a lot to players who are better at pvp. Armor in itself is not too hard to get if you play minecraft and get resources, and this seems not very needed. -1 from me.
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  3. I have a set of God armor for each server.. It also isn't that hard to repair armor with the xp you get in the wild. -1
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  4. 1.9 is soon to be here
    Mending might help
    I got better armor then God
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  5. How do you have better armor than diamond armor with protection 4 unbreaking 3 thorns 3 (and the boots and helmet enchants)?
  6. Repairing things is easy and 1.8 has made it easier than ever to repair stuff with the super low xp cost compared to before.
  7. If this is implemented you will see me opening an armor/tools repair shop with my alt.
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