[suggestion] pay people rupees through the site.

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Does this seem like a good idea?

no, i like just paying people when ur in game. 2 vote(s) 7.4%
yes, i love this idea! 25 vote(s) 92.6%
  1. ok so lets say someone cant get on EMC for a couple days but wants to give someone a job (for example digging out their res), after that person is done lets say he wants to get paid right then but u cant get on EMC so thats where paying people rupees throught the site comes into play. you see it could also help with auctions because when someone has won a auction they can immediately pay that person through the site, without having to go on mine craft.
  2. This has been suggested many,many times... :p
    It will proabably be implented :)
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  3. it has cuz i think its a good idea!
  4. i like it in game so u can pay while u are getting the thing you won in the auction
  5. Advantages:
    • Makes paying quicker
    • Can give money when not online

    • If your EMC account is hacked your money is gone
    • People will start complaining that they haven't got what they paid for
    How to get past some of the disadvantages:

    • Have another password for the rupee control centre
    • No way round this other than say to users be careful
  6. People already complain about what they didn't get payed for. In game at least. Having it on the forums won't make much of a difference methinks.
  7. I think this might be a good idea. Agreeing with nfell, maybe get a separate rupee password otherwise money could be stolen, plus, minecraft has been going down and people have been unable to get on EMC. This could help in those situations.
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  8. I've always liked this idea because It works with my daily routine of me being gone all day at work, and it could work when I can just pay someone when I'm on break or lunch. Or even when I'm at home and don't feel like launching minecraft .
  9. I think you should be in-game for auctions to give them the stuff right away or in the job situation, be there to make sure they did it right. Heck they could grief your res and you'd already have paid them.
  10. i like this idea. it would work wonders for me, but as with everything it has its disadvantages. it just depends if they are bigger than the advantages.
  11. This is the best idea I Ever heard!
  12. We know. Its been suggested God knows how many times
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  13. Seems like a good idea to me.
  14. Good idea.
    This also seems pretty easy to implement, as balances can already be viewed (transaction history) and changed (promotions) from the website. The only changes would be to add a form to run the payment code, and to figure out how to secure it to prevent hacking.
    <sarcasm>This is the best way yet for Aikar to break the economy!</sarcasm>
  15. I've always liked this idea ... and to nfell2009 - Why get a separate password system? We already have the password system installed to our account online - and they say number one rule - if you are in a public area or place where people can access your account, never leave your account logged in while you are away, anyways.
  16. Support. I rarley go on the forums on my computer, I just use my phone, as I am doing now, so yeah this could be handy
  17. I forgot to get back to you! Because some people are idiots that will give EMC passwords away.
  18. This sound's cool, I probably wouldn't use it much. I always seem to be on ^_^
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  19. ~If your EMC account gets hacked you'd lose your Rupees either way... Just log into the server /r pay $$$ to a guy.Done
    ~It can happen in-game? If you're the one that pays first.
  20. OH.... I forgot they're different passwords(in my case)

    I support this idea but with the implementation of some-sort of Password for the rupee access or a 4 digit bank pin or whatever.

    EDIT: WELL It's not nesecary you shouldn't give passwords away anyways. No reason to put a password for rupees.