[Suggestion] /p command for horses

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  1. I'm relatively sure this hasn't been suggested, but if it has, then oh well. Anyways its rather self explanatory, but for those who don't understand, I'll explain.

    /p is a command on EMC that lets you know about when a player first logged on, when they were last on, etc. My Idea is to have a command like that for your horses, or any horse that you have permission to ride. To simplify this, you would only be able to do this for one horse per stable you have. So basic non-supporters would only get one (or two if they used a voucher)

    My suggestion for this command name is /phorse (1, 2, 3, etc.) and to be able to use that on a horse, you would have to use a command like, /phorse register while riding it.

    I don't really think there should be a fee to use this, but if it is implemented, thats up to the staff.

    That's about all
  2. a command just to see when it was egged? not sure i understand what the command you are suggesting does...if thats all it could probly be added to stable notes and not take up a command
  3. Type /horse when you are on it to see stats.
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  5. Well, its more for the 'where is my horse' type thing

    EDIT: Oh Thanks Aikar, I see