[Suggestion] /ownership command

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Zoe_Yang, Nov 4, 2012.


What Do you think?

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  1. what i'm saying is basically a command that would change ownership from one account to another.
    So, say i built a awesome res, i was diamond, but i wanted more than 3 Utopia reses. the res with the awesome stuff is on an Smp server. i get a alt. account, but i want 4 utopia reses instead, but i don't want to lose my stuff. Ideas? (Don't Hate, and no Dissaproving bears, or spongebobs.
  2. This would streamline my account transition.
  3. This has come up before, and although there are many legit purposes, it would allow a property market which EMC as far as I know doesn't want to promote.
  4. So much yes.

    (But even with a diamond account, you can still only claim one Utopia res :p)