[Suggestion] November 11th Poppie Promo! (FULFILLED)

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  1. Hey EMC,

    Since the 11th is in 10 days i thought we could have a quick promo, What if it was just a Rose but it said say "Lest We Forget"

    Let me know what you think.

  2. 2nd post!
    Edit: I think its good promo :)
  3. which event are you referring to on November 11th?

    here is the list

    P.S. I'm not from the U.S.
  4. I suggested this in another thread, someone said it would affect the Valentines day rose, but I would love to see this happen. Thing is only members of the common wealth actually have "Remembrance Day". I think people of the US have like Veterans day or something along the lines of that. But yes I would like to see this as I am very much interested in the first and second world war.
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  5. Its to remember the fallen from the first world war.
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  6. Personal opinion: I too am a fan of remembering the fallen. Trust me, I respect those people and will definitely be remembering and thanking them on that day. However, we don't need a promo for it. We just got one for Halloween, and there's a small chance that we could get one on Thanksgiving. That's a lot of promos in a short period of time. I'd much prefer that this day be more like 9-11 was on EMC. We all simply extend our hearts to the vertans, perhaps doing some minimal memorial event if absolutely needed. I simply don't see the need for yet another promo in order to celebrate this.
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  7. well i agree with you mean promo now to think of it doesn't seem so good but maybe like if your vote streak is higher than 30 on that day then you get like a certificate? or higher than 40 because it seems good you support the empire and get a certificate to remember those who have fallen that might say "We are strong as one"
  8. EMC has that for vote streak 100.
  9. .....im so dumb lol
  10. They're talking about 11/11 which is Veteran's Day in the U.S.A.
  11. Here a promo, there a promo, everywhere a pro-mo.. -_-
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  13. Slow-mo Pro-mos makes me go-pro
  14. I like it but we only had a promo yestderday
  15. well it is about 10 days space :p
  16. 'Twas i who said it would affect the valentines rose :p
    I still think it's a good idea though but as hashhog said:
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  17. I can do a small service like on 9/11 to commemorate the day, but there will not be a promo release for it.
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