[Suggestion] Notify new members Res is entirely made of dirt

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  1. Once a newbie joins one of the smp's they would most likely dig to find to supplies. They probably wouldn't have read that going to the wild is one of the only ways to get materials because I know I didn't. . . Anyways I think it would be easier on everyone if there would be some way of notifying the new members when they complete the totorial, that their residence contains nothing but dirt.

    Comment with your thoughts please :)
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  2. newbies need to go and read the guide like it suggests, i did and didnt have any of the questions newbies are always asking. too many new people log on to this site once and never come back i know alot of people that dont even know there is a live map. when a player asks me a question in pm's/town chat i refer them to the guide.

    source: less then 30 days old character
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  3. Well if a new member actually read the Empire Guide then beat the tutorial instead of randomly lol and guess their way through, they would know that there is a Wilderness and the command to go to it as well as the Nether and the Wasteland. They would also know (if well informed and on the forums) that spawn has teleporter to all of these mentioned. But I guess they could make a notification that tells you to go to the Wild to get supplies as soon as they claim their res. Idk.
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