[Suggestion] No AFK Limit

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  1. Hey Empirians! So i would like to suggest that there is no time limit to afk. It is a pain for people with XP farms and iron farms to not be able to go afk all day. I like to afk when I am at school but now I can't because of this time limit. It would help out many people around here. Maybe have a command that sets your afk time like /afk 20. The 20 meaning 20 min, after 20 min is up you will be kicked. :)
  2. +1
    But see some people would abuse it and just put in /afk 20 for random reasons. This is where a type of honor system is put into play
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  3. I have been AFK lots recently for hours at a time and I have not been kicked
  4. Yes it seems like it is on and off. The other day I went afk for 6 hours but then today I got kicked after like an hour...
  5. Maybe if you do that and you are not afk you get kicked...
  6. Maby if there are so many people online it activates it so for today for example there may have been 60 people online so it activated but many the other day there was only 30 online so it didn't activate.
  7. if the server starts to fill up it will kick afkers, i think system afk and chat afk are different too but idk
  8. They are the same.

    But the process is in place so that players who actually want to play can play. While the limit shows /1000, each server still has a 60 player limit.

    It is recommended you interact with the game every so often while using farms to let the system know you are there, and that you didnt go to sleep for example.
  9. Ok now I see...maybe bump up the limit a little bit to like 80? btw this is the first time you have commented on one of my threads :D
  10. I agree potato its annoying at my iron farm :( but I can see abuse can happen
  11. I see abuse happening but maybe there is a way to prevent it...
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  12. But that would mean its a total of 600. Why not show 600 spots instead of 1000?
  13. It should mean that...that would be actually great if there was a 600 player limit for AFKing :)
  14. I must say, this threw me off the first 5 or 6 times I loaded up the Minecraft multi-player page, my exact reaction was, "WTF? EMC has 180 people online PER SERVER? I must have missed something... Dragon tombs?!"

    Ahem. Back on topic

    I haven't noticed myself getting kicked at all, I AFKed for 2 hours on Saturday and I did not get kicked, Maybe it only decides to work occasionally?
  15. it only happens when the server fills up with active people as far as i know. i could be wrong but the idea is that an active person takes precedent over a person who isnt even at there computer
  16. Needs to be about 45 people online to enable the kick.

    The "real" limit is 200 per server. 1000 looks good on the list =P
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