[Suggestion] New Vouchers

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  1. Ok another GREAT idea popped into my head what if we had new vouchers on EMC?

    Here are the Suggested Vouchers (haven't Came up with the names)

    1. A Voucher that restores any Final item
    2. A Voucher that makes an item SoulBouned
    3. A Rupee Voucher that rarely drops off Enraged Mobs
    4. A Token Voucher that rarely drops off Enraged Mobs

    Hope these Vouchers get put into EMC

    Ender King
  2. 1. No
    2. No
    3. Rupee Bonus could be added to enraged monster drop
    4. They already give tokens

    Sorry if it sounds mean.
  3. These are good ideas but i have a few issues :
    1. If you could soulbound all your gear it would ruin a lot of special things and make promos not as special as they already are. For example mob arenas would be affected by soulbound items.

    2.Also tokens are already a drop from EMC special mobs so the voucher would be kinda useless unless somebody wanted to sell it but the point of tokens are to earn it and it not become a currency.

    3.A rupee voucher i have no view on but i presume it would assist in ruining the economy as it is more than likely sold for more than its redeemable.

    4.A final enchant would be if anything a bad thing to put onto your tools as it means no repairs or modifications so it only has adverse affects

    - Sorry for all the criticism but its just my views :3
  4. Very blunt but gets the point across :p
  5. I like the voucher that restores final items! That seems neat. I'd say no to soulbound items, because they are OP. They already give tokens, and in my opinion there's no need for tokens.
  6. I do not know why you would want your item to be final since it makes you not be able to modify it :confused:

    Soulbound should be reserved for promos for obvious reasons.

    Rupee voucher seems a bit silly since you could just get a rupee payment from the server, and I do not see mobs needing a rupee award

    All custom mobs and high difficulty mobs (sometimes) all give a token reward.
  7. 1. Way to OP, you could have an infinite Ore Buster and completely crash the economy.
    2. Also way to OP, soulbound items take the fun out of survival and make going to the wild less of a risk.
    3. I don't really care about this one, but we don't really need any more rupees in the economy.
    4. They already give tokens when you kill them.
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