[Suggestion] New supporter perks

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  1. First off, I know some of these may not be great ideas, some of them may be impossible to implement. Also, not all of these ideas are original, i just put everything I could think of together. That being said I have split the list into 3 sections, probably able to get past Mojang's new rules, questionable ideas that may not get past the EULA, and a third idea that will be described below.

    Possible ideas:
    >Pets (higher level donators wouldn't get more options, but could maybe have 2 or 3 pets at once)
    >Pet Combat Customization (my idea would be that pets have 2 basic options for combat, melee and range, basic players would get access to these two options and they would have access to one pet, supporters would be able to choose their pets and would be able to choose the path for arrow trails and effects for melee combat)
    >Skeleton and Zombie Horses
    >Utopia for Supporters with one way vaulting
    >Free Climate Change on a Res
    >Custom Bow Trails
    >Custom Firework Explosion on Sword Hit
    >Block Hats
    >Potion Breaking Particles around Player
    >Choosing Your Horse Color
    >Mob Disguises
    >Displayed Forum Achievements
    >Access to Stage (just to check it out, not to build)
    >Sound Trails? ( Ghast sound when a player is around a supporter)

    Not sure if these would get past Mojang:
    >Player effect wands (effects other players) ex. heart or smoke effect on another player
    >Knock back wand (only usable in town, causes user to explode like a creeper without damaging players or blocks, just knocks players back)
    >Throw able potions that show the potion breaking effect continuously hit players
    >Nausea Wand (gives 5 seconds of nausea on hit player)

    Finally my next idea was Donation Drives. Mojang said that it would be acceptable to offer a reward for the entire server if a set amount of donations was met. My idea is two options for special items, and players would vote with money on which item they wanted more, the item that gets the most votes would be distributed as a promo.
    >Double Token Weekends vs. 10x Rupee Log In Bonus
    >Speed Boots vs. Jump Boots
    >Pick with High Unbreaking and Fortune 3 vs. Pick with High Fortune and Unbreaking 3
    Vampire Bow (bow gives life back to user on hit) vs. Vampire Sword (sword gives life back to user on hit)