[Suggestion] New player "Teleport Warning Message"

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Do you think this "heads up" warning with help new player pay attention more?

Yes! Because there is no other way home. 5 vote(s) 71.4%
Nope, they won't read the message... 2 vote(s) 28.6%
No, just plain no... 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. This morning, 01-28-2014, a new player messaged me stating he was lost and could not get back to the waste teleporter. I then directed said person to the live map on the server. I told him it was his new best friend. He processed to tell me there were not any names on the browser list... So to make a long story short, he told me there was not a sign stating you cannot teleport home from any where. On other servers you can /home from any place on the world maps to get home. He said, since he didn't know that, he was just off wandering around and got lost.

    Here is my suggestion: new players get a welcome message that states /home doesn't work in the wild or waste (or something of this nature). My reasoning for "welcome message" is because some still skip the tutorial, I also think a sign in the tutorial would be good too. This MIGHT make new players pay attention a little more as they wander around. I know the map should take of being lost but for some reason it didn't work for this guy.
  2. I face palm at these guys. It might be in the new player book but you should notice the teleports when you go to wastelands. I agree but people need to learn common sence.
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  3. Or go to x 0 z 0 :p or any number of 2000 eg:x 0 z 2000
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  4. Eh, I think this is more of a fringe case and not worth adding a sign for.

    We already tell users when they enter the Wastelands about the livemap and how to return home.

    Messaging as you suggested might be a bit confusing.
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  5. I agree, but if these people have played on a bunch of other servers /home is very common. We are one of the few where that doesn't work outside of town.
  6. we cant rlly set policies based off other servers, nor can we set ones for things that should be very easy to figure out. all they have to do is message someone and be like why cant i tpa and if that person isnt a newbie himself they will solve the problem
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