[Suggestion] New Mobs in the Frontier

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Good Idea?

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No 9 vote(s) 52.9%
  1. Hey Empire,

    Everyone knows how some people think that the new mobs (enraged mobs, bosses) should be contained to the Wastelands. I think there's a possible solution, although it won't make everyone happy.

    This relies on the implementation of Dragon Tombs and claiming of land. When you claim land with a dragon egg, there'd be an option to disable or enable the new mobs. This makes people who don't like the new mobs to be able to disable them with some hard work.

    This is a quick and suggestion; please answer the poll with what you think.

  2. We will not be giving any way to "opt-out" or "opt-in" to the new monsters. After considering how unfair it is for 1 world to have them and the other not, it will be in bot hand there will not be a way to stop them from spawning outside of normal game mechanics of lighting the area up.
  3. How is PenguinDJ's suggestion in any way unfair? Dragon Eggs are rare as hell already, Dragon Tombs are supposed to be difficult to find and twice as tough to conquer - if someone is able to overcome these obstacles and place a claim on wilderness land, why should they not have this option?
    Why is this so unfathomable and unreasonable a suggestion?
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  4. Bot Hand!
  5. Because it would complicate logic for something only a few people would use. It's not worth added complexity and time spent working on such an idea.
  6. Aikar has good a point here. ^
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  7. Also, I did not say his idea was unfair, I said the idea of having different spawn possibilities in different worlds was unfair.

    We want the Wastelands Wild and Frontier wild to be equal in spawn potential, so everyone has a fair chance to get them, whether you are deep in the frontier or in the wastelands.

    That general statement did not mean specifically penguins idea, but as a basis that we do not want to put any special logic in the spawn code that makes 1 area too much different than another.

    The only way we are currently limiting spawns is a biome level, as thats a typical minecraft behavior.
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  8. Should be contained to the Wastelands?! But, but what about the Wild Outposts...
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  9. I think they should be enabled in the frontier.
  10. Penguin was referencing it was OTHER players ideas to restrict them to Wastelands only, but Penguin was suggesting an alternative idea to "opt-out" of the monsters.
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