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  1. So, first off, this is a suggestion and a bit of feedback from myself as far as special EMC items goes.
    I find that... promo items are a lot more... demanded from the community nowadays which I believe shouldn't be the case. Be Glad you have those items, as when I first was playing there wasn't an anvil in the game. Now, in my opinion I think that EMC should add new permanent items that have special attributes in the game instead of a new 'Gift Box Smasher' whatever.
    For example:
    The 60k member set was a great thing for EMC with the fresh first batch of several special items.
    However, no one really uses them (unless they buy or have loads of them or don't really care) because they were only sold once. Orebusters seemed to be the most popular among the set, with
    fortune V and pretty much a power drill I can see why.

    But what if I found in say a Dungeon, a pick that smashed blocks in a three by three area sideways or downwards? Wouldn't that be something rare, however it would also be found, meaning I could sell some and not have to worry.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is:
    I think EMC should specialize items similar to the Survival Update and Call it the Dungeon Update.
    This would add not only a new economic standpoint to the servers, but would make people want to venture out into the wild/wastelands even more if each update the get a new special item to find.

    In all, it'd be cool to find 'promo' items in the wild pretty much.

    Please reply with any questions, comments or concerns, just be respectful towards me and others. Thank You :)
  2. +1. The problem is, how possible is it to do so?
    I'm not sure if it's possible to mess with the world generation algorithm to the point where you can force certain items to be generated in chests.
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  3. Same basic foundation as my "message to the imperial bovines" thread. Just a simple addition to make the empire more fun. I loved when I learned the mini-bosses dropped things like vouchers. +1 for the muffin man
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  4. I guess you'd have to ask a coder. It's possible to spawn in Dragon Tombs; Why not put an item in a chest?
  5. Items like this have been suggest on every level, and quite simple ruin the basic survival aspect of emc. So long story short dont expect anything like this in the near future.

    Especial with all the background work going on right now
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  6. Well when you put it THAT way...
    I know this wouldn't EVER be an overnight thing, it never is.
    However, I find it ironic as items like this are give out every holiday when they are called or nick named 'promo' items when a holiday isn't even a promo for EMC. So if items like this have been suggested on every level; maybe people are trying to say they want them.
    EDIT: Sorry if my post sounds obnoxious/rude; I just think that it is what it is :3
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  7. This got a like from me

    I don't click that button often, but because I did, this gets like, all my supports.

    I like the idea behind it and really like the stuff you said
    Yes. I realise people will not use things because future value, but does that make promos money just handed to you? Let's take the ore buster as an example here. It was made to be used! FORTUNE FIVE. They didn't code that just for it to sit around and waste space. They made it so people could bust up dem ores! People aren't seeing the promos for what they are. Cool stuff to be used.

    Umm anyways back from that rant...
    While the item you stated in the original post probably wouldn't be Very likely nor practical, the idea of permanent spawning rare items with cool effects is indeed something that deserves a like. Personally, what I'd like to see from that is the 60k items randomly spawned in those chests with different levels of them spawning (wood stone iron gold diamond other) so that those items don't run out, but instead keep circulating throughout the economy and such.
  8. item given out as promo items are still based coded in the game where as you suggest a pick axe that does 3x3 when used " its a little more over powered then an ore buster". We could debate this all day long but it comes down to its something outside creative mode/coding and 99% chance it wont be seen on emc.

    Just because they have been suggested by alot doesnt mean it what is best suited for EMC. CAnt please every one

    1. we add an item like this and sure some people are happy then some are upset

    2. we dont add an item like this and again some people are happy and other are upset.

    if its not broken dont fix it.

    You should be happy you even see these promo item in the 1st place. As for the " isn't even a promo for EMC", its EMC promoting that holiday and or event.
  9. +1 love this idea! Maybe not too OP things like you've stated in the OP, but this certainly seems like a reasonable thing to add! :)
  10. :p Just one idea, if someone wants to redo that part for me I'd edit it in :p
    Now, I took a long to figure out what to reply with you with, but I think the best option for me is:
    Your right about "Can't Please Everyone". However, I've heard a lot of why this wouldn't be implemented or won't ever when I never asked for that in the initial post, because I already KNOW that. So I ask you, would you like to see this implemented personally or not? The item I mentioned in the thread was just an example... Doesn't mean you can't stay optimistic.
  11. Like the Marlix set and Toothpick? Minibosses are dropping said items, and each miniboss is going to have its own special drops :)

    Lets also say - Momentus even has another item coming to his pool, I'm just waiting for a specific update from CraftBukkit to come out first to support it.

    So technically this suggestion is already in place, and will be expanded as new mini bosses are added (We have a few planned already and even have the special items they will drop planned too.)
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  12. Similar to that, but more found like the Dragon Tombs will. Not everyone likes to fight mobs for items, but there still is a lost of people that love to explore.
    :p I had a feeling because Marlix can drop armor pieces and a bow, but a Momentus only drops a toothpick... >_<
    Well, I meant that instead of people not using items from promo events that they could find them and do whatever they want with them. :p
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  13. :):):)
  14. Very true, if we want to please as many different types of people as possible (the builders, the mob fighters and the explorers etc.) then I think placing special items in dungeons in a nice idea. :)
  15. The idea of finding them in chests is interesting but complicated... but once we figure out the best way DTombs is going to be done it might inspire ideas on adding random treasures.

    I like the idea, so expect it to happen, just a question of when of course...
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