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  1. I suggest adding a technology discussion section to the EMC forums, for the following type of discussions.

    -Player-made mods, add-ons, programs, and games!
    -New real world technology advances and releases
    -Redstone wiring

    Leave your opinions below. :)

    This section is not extremely needed, but would be nice.
  2. There is already a gaming section so I think you could tie most technology things into that section. -1 in general, though sorry.
  3. Technology is a lot more than gaming.
  4. It is too narrow of a topic. It fits well in the Misc section.
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  5. You have a bad headache... Yet you are still online... Whatever.

    I support this idea 75%, but yes, these things could easily be categorized into other sections without even having to make a new one. A pretty good job all-in-all.
  6. You explained your examples as gaming. I still think -1 though
  7. Mods/programs could go into either General MC Discussion or Miscellaneous. Tech could go into Miscellaneous. I don't see a reason why we need more when the topics you suggested fit into other categories perfectly.

    Besides, there aren't enough Redstone, mods, and tech threads to justify their own sections.
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