[SUGGESTION] New Explosive!

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Good idea?

Yes 18 vote(s) 81.8%
Could use a bit of work. 2 vote(s) 9.1%
No 2 vote(s) 9.1%
  1. Ok well, a few days ago, i was looking at all my TNT and thinking, Man it would be a lot of TNT to clear a large area. Now then I started to think about rupee drains or something other.

    I present to you a idea of a new type of Explosive Device. Now it would be shiny like rotten flesh or candies and only acquirable through /shop or really rare drop from Enraged Creeper. Thus meaning its not craftable at all. It would have somewhere to 3x-4x the explosive radius. Not too big though or else we are looking at nukes. I think this would be a great new item into the game, and it would be another plus to getting diamond supporter as well. So better market stimulant, + to subscriptions, ICC will have new toy to play with too c:

    Post your thoughts here and answer the Poll. But here are some points to remember

    *Not Craftable
    *Only obtainable through /shop or Really rare drop from enraged creeper or both.
    *Explosive Radius would be 3x-4x the size of current TNT.
    *Only usable through Diamond Supporter Subscription
    *New Market Item
    *Rupee Drain if bought from /shop

    I have not thought of a name for such a new idea thing but I will leave that to Staff if this gets looked into.
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  2. Something like this would be really cool. And very useful! :D
  3. I think 4x is kinda op.. But 2x or 3x I would love. Kinda like shiny flesh from enraged creepers though. Also possibly dropped by nether hounds ?
  4. Yes i think 3x would be perfect size, but Im not sure about nether hound possibility since they are not explosive and they are bigger in packs thus increasing the drop chance. Enraged Creepers would be better.
  5. no, i think that creepers are good since they drop gunpowder and explode :p.
  6. Shiny TNT. +1
  7. Trying to imply we lead creepers to blow up on the residences? :p
  8. why not?
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  9. Oh nether hounds do explode anymore? My bad.
  10. boom! ... you need TNT? i has lots of tnt.....
  11. Wait they explode??? WAT I have never had one explode on me, My luck????
  12. They used to in into you and kamikaze, but now they are glitched.
  13. At least they no longer egg.
    Meanwhile my stash slowly grows in value....
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  14. Well I still think either way that a Enraged Creeper should be the one to drop it since its an explosive based mob.
  15. 4x the emplosion , 4x the price >: D
  16. Bump! for others to see!
  17. +10k - 9,999 = +1
  18. I think it should be a drop from ghasts... Makes it harder to get, less common, etc.