[SUGGESTION] New Christmas Promo Idea!

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What do you think?

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  1. I was thinking other than a boring christmas promo we have something super cool! Like the holiday blade that has maxed out enchants or something, or a christmas coal. When combined with 9 of these pieces *dropped by wither's and wither skeletons and regular skeletons on the 12 days of christmas* they make obsidian, and may have access to the snowman's domain and fight the evil Mr.Snowball.Where is drops another promo. And this Mr.Snowman summons blizz ards, which as a 20 % chance drops blizz ard noses. And these snowman domains spawn randomly, as a large igloo of snow and packed ice which green and red stained glass. The Snowman will drop a blade, and a snowman's nose, with the enchant of Sharpness 2, fire aspect 2, and looting 3. The sword is gold. Anyways, this is a lot so let me list this all off.

    Christmas Coal-/promo or mini-boss wither, wither skeleton, skeleton drop. 9 combinedn crafting grid make christmas block to gain access into e snowman's domain

    Mr.Snowman Drops-Snowman's Nose (gold sword with sharp 2, fire aspect 2, an looting 3)

    Mr.Snowman spawns blizz ards-Blizz ards have a 20% chance of nose dropping

    Holiday Blade-Iron sword with maxed out enchants with fire aspect 3 and knockback 3

    Domain Spawn Rates-have a 60% chance of spawning in the ice biomes. All of them, and the snow biomes. Will place obsidian block on a block, that will open the door of snow, and Mr.Snowman will have a small chat with you, and starts fighting.

    What do you think about this idea? I'll let you guys decide :)
  2. Or http://emc.gs/suggestpromo :)

    http://emc.gs/suggestmob is the other suggestion form.
    I like the Christmas Coal idea. Maybe something like the Taste The Freedom, but with Wither Skeletons that took 100% player damage? The rest seems like a lot of work for a seasonal thing. Maybe with some tweaking it'd be good as a boss dungeon, though. :)
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  3. As many others say, seems tedious, but a really nice idea. I like some of it, but with some tweaks to not overpower the server. (Too colorful ahhhh :p)
  4. It's very new. It was introduced only a few days ago in the September Newsletter. Oh, and my nubbiness cannot be beaten! :p
  5. What the nub said!
  6. I just filled out the form and submitted it
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