[Suggestion] New Boss

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  1. I had an idea floating in my head. But Hear me out. In the Dragon Tombs update there will be a Custom Ender Dragon. BUT! What will happen if we added an EMC Wither Boss. Please think about this idea before replying. I hope there will be an EMC wither boss.

    Ender King
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  2. More stuff is always cool. Penguin out. Also first.
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  3. Hint: Dragon Tombs part 3 (The part before the dragon fight) will introduce a new Mini-Boss :)
  4. #<3
  5. If u guys want I can suggest my other ideas
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  7. More custom mobs would be great; I just think there currently are things a little higher prioritized on the to-do list.

    I like your idea, I must admit that. 1+ from me :)
  8. Rainbow tongue?! Oh no wait now I got it. Aikar's spit because everything and I mean everything he comes up with is awesome.