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  1. Good afternoon, i am not sure if other players with poor internet experience this too, but when i go through a nether portal i hit a massive lag spike. This lag spike causes me to ping pong through portals until i hurry over to my phone and hot spot myself. A conclusion to this problem that i thought off (if it's possible and not too hard of course) that maybe when you go through a nether portal you spawn one block away so it does not cause you to go back through it.

  2. my tactic to avoid the ping pong was to throw a few items out untill it linked up with me pressing the button and then i would leave the portal
  3. I'm afraid it doesn't work like that my friend, every single time even if i have a ping of 50 i will lag so hard when i go through a portal i'm not sure if it is just me or not, it is not my computer btw because when i turn my hot spot on it's just fine. *sighs* i wish i had better internet.
  4. you cant be worse than me, just head into a portal, appear on the other side and dont move at all (not like you can anyway), now just test the throwing of items or just jump in, wait untill youve lagged to the other side, run out and disconnect
  5. No!!! You must not read from the book!!!!! Sorry wrong chat. But since i'm here i might as well throw my good solid Aikar not approved opinion on the lag or "The laggy" as i call it. Show up purple and purple haze like. The Haze are Nether bound goodness. The "goodness" is wonderful but laggy. I suggest not using the "Goodness" to avoid "The Laggy" savvy Jrock.....
  6. ...Am I the only one unable to comprehend this?

    On a side thing, this was an issue for me a while back on a different server. Don't think it's fixed though.
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  7. There is really no way to prevent this, as if you increase the time for the portal to TP you, it will still cause issues when you have massive lag.

    When I had this, I would hold "w" to walk forward as soon as my screen loaded for the other world.... and trust me, it works, as my old connection was just over dial-up connection, with an average of 700 ping....
  8. Ik i try to do it, but what happens is when i get tp'd i get stuck into a block so i walk way for abput 1 min then i lag bag to the portal then because i moved the server tries to put me in the spot before the lag, that keeps me there for around10 seconds it just keeps ping ponging me in then i get tp'd back to the overworld and it continues. Do you get that?
  9. i had worse to the point where sometimes there would be a block in the way after using the portal, and i would get tp'ed back after about 2 mins... but the way i said worked with my old connection....

    Now I have faster, internet so its not an issue, but had the other internet for 3-3 and 1/2 years on emc,
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  10. You know you can backspace something if you didn't mean to type it lol
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