[Suggestion] Music Thread

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by autumnrain26, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. So this is just a suggestion for the forums, but can we have a *Forum Category* for music? I mean like where we can share various songs/bands we like, or even our own music.. I don't mean like file-sharing but like a separate category where we can post like youtube videos and stuff instead using the miscellaneous forum and hope people see it at the very bottom of the boards.. I have like a few bands I would be willing to post if there was a music *category*.. :D

    EDIT: I was kinda sleepy while I was writing this.. I meant a separate forum category for music.. xD
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  2. There have been multiple music threads, they all died out though.
  3. I'd make one, but the bulk of my music libray, oh, I'll just make one...
  4. haha then the idea gets a triple thumbs up :)
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  5. and i think she's meaning like an actual category in the forums.. not just a thread.
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  6. That is what I meant.. <,< ..Im half asleep still, and listening to the Acoustic Album by Eyeshine..
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