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  1. Plain and Simple. Lets start off why I am suggesting this. Over the past few days, there has been quite a bit of new users logging into the EMC Mumble Server. They often ask who is staff n such. If a staff is present, and says I am. Not saying names but sometimes that new users doesn't believe the staff member and then either insults them or persist the question. To eliminate the problem with new user confusion on who has authority and who doesn't ( impersonators that sometimes log in), I suggest that Staff have their ranks added to the Mumble Server if he/she uses Mumble.

    When logging in for Chat Display: [M] ElfinPineapple0 has moved in to Community 6
    Other examples for other Ranks: [SS] [Adm] [Owner] [Dev].

    Its not a massive issue to me as I know who is who, but the new users not believing who is staff is sort of getting annoying.

    Unknown if this is possible with Mumble to set prefixes like said.
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  2. +1 on this :p
  3. I'd prefer suffixes over prefixes, but I like it. :)
  4. I do not know the difference. lololol
  5. Prefixes come before the name, suffixes come after. :p
    [Mod] Hashhog vs. Hashhog [Mod]
  6. In mumble you can do !sets example an it will display as DrMadFate [example]
  7. Oh, that's pretty neat! I could use some help though...