[ Suggestion ] More In Depth Firespread Flag

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  1. So, I was watching my brother burn the leaves off his trees when the wood caught on fire. So I thought to myself, we need a more in depth flag.

    Example Command: /res set firespread:log t/f

    Example Command: /res set firespread:wood t/t

    Example Command: /res set firespread:leaves t/f

    And So On...

    This would help when you want to burn the leaves off those tall oak trees to find the wood hidden inside, or to remove unwanted wool/logs.

    Post what you think down in the comments.

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  2. This is actually a really good idea. I'm always paranoid abt setting the entire tree farm on fire, so I make sure I burn the giant tree remains at night when the saplings won't grow and there aren't any other trees around.
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  3. An easy solution for stopping big trees is placing a dirt block a few blocks above the sapling. The tree can't go higher than the block.