[SUGGESTION] More for retired staff!

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  1. So.. Maxarias has a 'retired admin'. I think Retired staff should have Retired Staff below they're name. They deserve this because of their great service to the community. Just a short one ~fBuilderS
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  2. +1 on that. Its a good sacrifice to spend your time For the community.

    Maybe a simple prefixe or name color. Maybe even free iron supporter status equal to the time they gave for the community as staff
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  3. Retired staff are already given a free six months of Diamond supporter when they retire. :)
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  4. Nice! Thats great to know :)

    Its good for them they really deserve it
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  5. A simple prefix wouldn't hurt. It would just be easier to tell who gave their time to help the communtiy.
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  6. not true

    And due to confusion, it's not a very good idea. Once someone is no longer staff, they need to be treated as a normal player. Exceptions go to founders and ex-admins only.
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  7. Ok then. I ain't the server owner, I won't fight against system decision
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  8. Not true. Just because they aren't staff doesn't mean they cant be recognized for what they did.
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  9. I'm with BenMA. It's a nice gesture to those who have spent their time to help others. They shouldn't be treated differently, just recognized.
  10. A simple forum title saying "Retired Staff" wouldn't make that player be treated differently. It would just recognize the work that player did to help the community.
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  11. They are. There is a wiki page about retired staff with a list of all that have been staff before, whether they were staff for 3 days or 3 years+. Giving someone a title that was staff for 3 days before learning it wasn't their cup of tea isn't really earned imo...

    In addition, once staff are no longer staff they are a normal player and need to be treated as such in the eyes of the players. Forum titles muddy up that distinction. Some people on that list may not exactly want people to know, without actually having to search, as there are often players that will bug them, thinking they still have 'clout' with staff to help sway decisions. We've seen some issues where this is still prevalent. Some ex-staff just want to play with everyone else without being bugged and some act completely different than they did when they were staff.

    A forum title of Retired Staff, etc is also a source of conflict in the case that said ex-staff has become non-mod material. What we say on the forums as Staff is heavily filtered to make sure we are not rude/insulting in any way. We're supposed to be helpful, non-judging, etc and hold our tongues about certain subjects like politics/religion. If an ex-staff were to be rude or hold extreme views in a post of theirs, the immediate reaction is going to call on their ex-status and they will be subconsciously held to a higher standard by the players. Some ex-staff don't want that responsibility on their shoulders when they no longer carry a green name.

    We also see this issue with contribution team members, etc. If we give ex-staff a special title, I know of many in the contribution team that deserve that same 'retired' bit. Some of them having put in more effort than some ex-staff. That's not really something we want to do, adding retireds everywhere. People expect more from a player with a rank. The wiki page accomplishes recognition without shoving it in your face and causing confusion. For now, that's the recognition path we choose.
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  12. I can see both sides of this but I think it would be better off not having it because as krysyy said people might bug them. but then some people said that it would be a nice little gesture and it would be nice to remember those who wanted to do good in the community
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  13. Krysyy, all of what you exlained shows a lot of wisdom.

    Lol, we are showing as players our narrow vision of the big picture here.

    We do try to think the best we can with what we know. I am in total accord with your thinking
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  14. People need to want to be moderators to help players and the server rather than for the benefits. The more fame, power, and perks the position brings, the less we can be sure that their motivation for the position is selfless and incorruptible.
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  15. Most players probably don't know about this page though... I just learned about it less than a month ago... ;)
  16. Who's been staff for 3 days? :p
  17. There have been multiple staff members that I can recall who have left within a few days before, though one of them was Maxarias's alt. :rolleyes: Still, no point calling out the staff members who did leave after only a few days... those who did had their reasons, and they were all good reasons, which is all that matters.
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