[ Suggestion ] More Alert Sounds

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by GreenMeanie, May 18, 2015.

  1. To my knowledge, the vast variety of sounds that Aikar gave us has infinite possibilities. But alas, sometimes when I am /away, I do not always hear the subtle dings from the server.

    In my opinion, something like a ghast cry or a wither attacking you would make for a much better alert.

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  2. Sounds quite scary, and I probably wouldn't necessarily enjoy the sound of a wither hurling his guts out at me through a computer, but sounds pretty cool.
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  3. Well... That was just an example.

    Let me be more clear. Something that is sure to catch your attention
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  4. I see now.

    Yes, that'd definitely be useful. There's been many times where someone has been messaging me constantly and I couldn't hear any of their messages (probably because I was at the other end of the room eating a pizza roll or something of the likes).

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  5. How about a zombie banging on a door? That scares me sometimes :p
  6. Some custom sounds would be cool, ones that are not in vanilla minecraft, so you are not mistaken that it is an alert.
  7. In all honesty I like the new alert sounds, I switched default out as soon as ip the new ones got implemented :p

    I can't see why adding more options/custom sounds would be an issue, +1 from me.
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  8. i like to hear a join request..