[suggestion] Monthly Voters Block

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  1. I don't know if this has been suggested, but I figured a cool item that could get me to vote everyday would be a Monthly voters block. This could be like a regular voters block but with the mouth and year in the special text also. It could be awarded to everyone with a perfect voters streak per month.

    Leave a comment of change if you have any ideas.
  2. The voter block is supposed to be an incredibly rare item and is really only for the vote off contest by jack and alex. It really ruins the point of it.
  3. That's why this one would have the month and year, making the originals special and these ones just a cool way to get people to vote.
  4. I agree with olaf, I think it should be kept as a "Rare" item, rather then someone getting it every month.
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  5. Aren't rupees enough to get people to vote?
  6. Rarer items is what we need, not more voting encouragement! (not really)

    Nice suggestion. An item besides the voters block as is may work, like you said, but either way EMC items lose rarity all the time so that's not really a big deal.
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  7. good idea kevdude maybe a voters block is not the way to go, maybe a gold block, renamed a streak block?
  8. Yeah, it has been said before any somewhat custom item makes people spend money (people buy collectors items which are basically colorfully named things), and adding another to the list of things to collect by encouraging voting is definitely a good thing.

    Voting Streak Block
    "Received for holding a voting streak of 30 days at the end of a month"


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  9. oh I know, I have a museum.
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  10. hope you don't mind kev I stole your signature
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