(SUGGESTION) Mod of the month.

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  1. As it seems the only staff who ever get any attention right now is Aikar and Max, (Which, I myself think is getting fairly stupid) I have an idea for the other staff. My idea, have a Mod of the month. Every month, a mod would be selected for their contributions to EMC. (Not just coding.. :p) The Mod of the month would get, lets say, a different color name for that month, and maybe some rupees. (Maybe, 5K?) If you have anything to add to this, please do so. :)
  2. I am pretty sure something similar to this has been suggested before and denied.
  3. On EMC, any one task is preformed by a number of staff members. While only one of us may get the "credit" for this task, it took the work of quite a few to accomplish the feat. We don't act alone, and our accomplishments should reflect on the staff as a whole, rather than a single person.

    Unlike in other places, we work together. We are all the moderator of the month, every month.
    I really hope I wasn't ninja'd
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  4. This would be pretty cool although honestly I don't think it would happen either...