[SUGGESTION] Mob Radar on Minimap Perk for Supporters

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Should this happen?

Yeah! I agree with everything! 1 vote(s) 9.1%
Yeah! But the prices should be higher! 1 vote(s) 9.1%
Yeah! But the prices should be lower! 2 vote(s) 18.2%
Not really, this is a bad idea! 7 vote(s) 63.6%
  1. So I'm sitting in my bed, thinking of Empire, the mods I have, then my minimap mod. It has a built-in mob radar, but Empire disables it. So, I was like, "Well, it would be easier to hunt if we could use our radars! So, as the title implies, supporters should have access to the radar function on minimaps, such as Rei's and Zan's. We could even pay for it (obviously rupees) and the higher rank we are, the cheaper it will be! Maybe it can be like...
    Iron: 1k for 30 minutes
    Gold: 600r for 30 minutes
    Diamond: 300r for 30 minutes
    Or something like that. So, what do you think, Empire?
  2. It already is a perk... you just have to be an admin :p

  3. It gives players an advantage. Plus you are able to see other players and will be used to grief/PVP. Kinda backwards that the people who are theoretically supposed to have the least amount have to pay more than those who are theoretically supposed to have the most amount of rupees.
  4. Can't senior staff use it as well?
  5. Probably, just wasn't sure
  6. As of right now; the reason the entity radar works for Admins and senior staff - is because they technically have "OP" on the server which allows it to work for them.
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  7. The players feature can be turned off via the server, so only mobs show up!

    :p Hey, I was tired and wasn't thinking straight!
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  8. Nope, I intentionally enabled it for Sr Staff / Admin =P

    But no sorry this will not be given to players.
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  9. I stand corrected. lol
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  10. Well I think this should be allowed. But it should be allowed for everyone. (without da cost)
    Also in unrelated news, Since the dragon tomb update, I was wondering, will each dragon tomb be a dimension? That could cause a lot of lag if it did. Since mystcraft, a mod about Ages, says Overworld is 0, Nether is -1, and End is 1. What is the Town's and Shop's Dimension ID??? 2, 3??? When the wastelands come will they be 4 and 5??? Then on top of that all the dragon tombs are different dimensions! Wow if there was 10 people in each dimension a lot of chunks would be loaded ;)
  11. Well, that would be a bit overpowered, now wouldn't it?
  12. I was on a server once and someone was using a Radar. They could see other users. Pretty much if it was enabled for everyone, then we would have people stalking/griefing and then more threads with people crying that they got griefed. This would have to be disabled and then Radar would pretty much just be another minimap.
  13. Like I said before, it can be enabled for only mobs (not players)
  14. You might as well switch EMC to tekkit.
  15. Haven't seen that in a while,

    back on topic,

  16. Meh, short-lived suggestion, I guess...

    Take it away, Keyboard Cat.