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Do you guys agree or disagree

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  1. Today I've just been wanting to fight and earn xp so I started looking for a spawner to use to earn xp. I found a spawner but it took a while to earn xp so I thought of a mob arena which can give you awards or xp Also just in case you cant get people to join cause they're to scared to lose their armor or weapons their should be a teleport before starting that allows a class. Hope you guys agree and add it :D
  2. We already have one, it's on smp5.
    The events are held randomly by Senior Staff.
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  3. Really?
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  5. I mean like always though
  6. And you allowed multiple answers on the poll.
    So that's what I did :)
  7. I can't give you any more details than that.
    They are held completely randomly, but mostly on weekends.
    There are broadcasts across all servers once it's happening, so you'll know :p
    That, and you might notice about 50 people on smp5 on the server list lol.