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  1. So, I was just at the mob arena, and I have a complaint, and a suggest to go with it.

    My complaint is that hell is unleashed at the very start. I find this annoying, and in ways, takes the fun out of it, so I suggest the mobs be unleashed in levels. Here is some examples of levels.

    1. One type of mob is unleashed, most likely a zombie/skeleton/spider.
    2. Two of the types above are unleashed.
    3. All three are unleashed.
    4. A much tougher mob is unleashed, such as Endermen.
    5. Endermen are joined with the other three.
    6. This is the last level, where all four above are unleashed, along with Blazes.

    I say you should keep Ghasts out of this, simply because this can escape, like today, and do damage to the wild.

    This is my suggestion! :)
  2. I'm n0t sure about this - I mean, Aikar and Max spawn the mobs fairly as it is and we don't want it getting too easy ;)
  3. Well, it shouldn't be easy, but it seemed they were spawning them randomly, which, at least to me, takes some of the fun out of it.
  4. No ghasts next time!
  5. I agree with levels. Also I'd like to see a contest where everyone could build an arena and the community could vote on it. The current arena is very cramped in the viewing area. I'm thinking a colosseum.
  6. There was something like that...
    A Long Time Ago In A Server Far Far Away...
    There Were Mob Arenas That Were Built By Supporters
    The End
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  7. I don't like this. This is what will take the fun out of it