[Suggestion] Minecart Flag

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by ThePinda2, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. So, as we all know, there is a build flag, a use flag, a container flag, etc. However, there is no minecart flag. I am getting increasingly frustrated with the fact that people are stealing the minecarts on my res. I place them so people can just get in, press the button, and have a roller coaster ride, but people break them and take them. I have reset my flags, and still people are able to take them! I have also tried this on other people's res (with permission) and found that, yes, without ANY flags, you can break minecarts on other people's res. I propose that we be allowed to place minecarts, but not break them, on another person's res.
  2. I agree ... also I hated it when people could just randomly place a minecart down on my res, get in it, and move forward, to squeeze between a one block area, or glitch through walls.
  3. Agreed with this too, people always steal mine carts from my chutes. So I closed my doors but it shouldn't have to be that way. Tis could easily fall under the use perm
  4. This may be able to be implemented except we should be able to break the mine carts that we place.
  5. I actually don't think that we should be able to BREAK minecarts on other's res, but be able to place them (reason for this is that I have a redstone machine that requires you to place a minecart). Also, we should be able to get in minecarts that are already placed on another's res (for example, to ride a roller coaster).