[suggestion] "Melt" {False|True} set flag on residence

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  1. So, I'm starting to use snow, and other things that can melt to build... but everyone knows the issue of melting, but as you may do: /res set flow false, you could do things like: /res set melt false
    I am sure many, many people would use this, what could you add? more set flags? more player falgs?
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  2. Haha, just had this idea a week ago or so but never thought of posting. If this is possible, another flag to go along with this would be "freeze" since they're both something to do with ice and would be nice to control... Good idea zombieslayer :)
  3. Yes this would be brilliant! Along with kevdudeman's "freeze flag idea this could completely re calibrate residences. That would finally mean that people in biomes that freeze water such as Taiga, Ice Mountain and Ice Plains could have non-frozen water. With a little bit of tweaking this could a great feature to add to the Empire :D
    But perhaps just have a "/res set" version of these flags instead of pset, seems kinda pointless adding it for specific players since it's mainly for the residence. Think about waterflow, lavaflow and firespread...
    Anyway great ideas both of you :D
  4. *Ice cold bump* What does Aikar think of this? likely, or impossible?
  5. Hmmm . . . I dont think snow melts in the sun . . .
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  6. This would most likely cause lag, as every time a block freezes/melts, the server would need to check the residence and decide if it should cancel the event.
  7. When you have glowstone or lights next to it, yes
    not too much more lag these plug-ins already cause
  8. Then I agree :p
  9. I just read this again, snow does NOT melt, I was somehow thinking of ice when I agreed.

    EDIT: Yeah, surrounding a single block of snow with glowstone and staring at it for 10 minutes left me with snow, glowstone, and wasted time.
  10. Yes, I think this is a good idea.
  11. This is possible, but I honestly wish flow didn't even exists...

    Flow, and this, uses ALOT of CPU (Adds ALOT of lag)

    Basically, about 20 times a second the water tries to flow, and the server has to run code to check if it should, then cancel it if it isnt suppose to...

    This is CONSTANTLY running

    Same thing would happen to melting. It would constantly be trying to melt and then blocked. This just makes tons of lag.

    Sorry but we can't add another major lag source...
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  12. Would biome changes be anywhere near possible - they could have the same outcome as this? Have them like resets, done gradually to prevent them causing huge lag spikes. In fact, they could work as a great thing to buy with Empire Credits; that would prevent it being used as much, so the lag could be much less noticeable... ;)
  13. It's something we def want to add, but so much better stuff on the back log you know... :/
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