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  1. The reason why implementing this plugin is a good idea is that it will get players something to use in the wild; theres different level-up systems in it ex. Excavating, with a shovel users will level up over time and some items like grass would sometimes drop glowstone dust but that is dependent on the level. Even there is a combat system Max level for most of the abilities would be 1000 or roughly 11million exp. It also allows admins or mods to spawn x number of mobs and even toggle god mode when needed.

    Also another suggestion is to enable Invisibility potions to work in the wild the main reason is that hostile mobs will not notice you unless you run into them.
  2. An interesting suggestion. This would not work with EMC; but if you find any specific features from this plug-in that you think would fit in well - be sure to suggest those.
  3. Sorry but MCMMO is something that is way too much to bring on the Empire and I belieive it commonly has lots of bugs...

    Way too big of a plugin to add to our very minimal set.
  4. Suggested a lot of times before, and...
  5. It starts adding little features such as mining and digging faster witch wont work.
  6. Eh...
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  7. A witch? where? :p

    If you can get your hands on one of the new Beacon blocks...

    Edit: Chascarrillo beat me to the punch. lol
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  8. Get my joke?
  9. Just recently looking at it theres about 1000+ lines of bugs that have been fixed even though it may be way too much to bring to the empire. Im sure it is possible to only take certain features from this plugin a useful one would be the abilities but that would only work hand in hand with both the leveling system it has and the skills.

    Though this cannot be implemented right now cause it is not up to date with 1.4 it would be a great idea to implement and since it may have bugs like the server does itself with the amount of players that join and interact with smp1 to smp9 over time most bugs could be fixed.

    Here's a list of what parts of the plugin could be implemented and whether it should be in town, wilderness or nether:
    1. Gathering
      1. Mining- Wilderness/Nether
      2. Woodcutting- Town/Wilderness
      3. Herbalism (farming) -Town
      4. Fishing- Wilderness
      5. Excavation- Wilderness/Nether
    2. Combat
      1. Unarmed- Wilderness/Nether
      2. Axes- Not needed
      3. Archery- Wilderness/Nether
      4. Swords- Wilderness/Nether
      5. Taming- Not needed
    3. Misc
      1. Repair- All
      2. Acrobats- Wilderness/Nether
    4. Skills any with the above listed
    5. Same goes for leveling
    Oh also Aikar if your still not sure whether or not to implement this plugin, a good idea is to test it out and see how it works with the server if it runs fine then remove the parts of the plugin that is not needed so that it will not lag out the server itself. Also heres the thread of the plugins changes https://github.com/mcMMO-Dev/mcMMO/blob/master/Changelog.txt
  10. How bout the bear? The first time I got on a "MCMMO" server, I couldn't move five blocks without suffering some glitch
  11. Ok well what was the server and did it have many other plugins?
  12. The bugs may be fixed - but as the plug-in sits right now. It wouldn't "fit" in with EMC. I am not questioning whether it would work just doesn't match up with what is already working well.
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  13. Like JustinGuy said:
    I cant find the exact quote
    That was JustinGuy or Aikar
  14. Ok since you said EMC makes its own plugins what are they? I dont really see a list around about each plugin on the site. Oh and also i noticed disguise was on the server on end of october for a day which means that EMC uses normal plugins most other servers would use.

    Also Chickeneer may I have an explanation to the reasons why the this plugin wouldnt fit in?
  15. EMC Has custom plugins and uses normal plugins and changes what they do, just because they have 1 normal plugin doesn't mean anything.
  16. Yes it is true that we will alter some plug-ins for EMC use such as the mob disguise. There isn't a 'list' exactly because it wouldn't really reveal much (from the standpoint of a non-developer) and from what I understand. If you are already knowledgeable with Minecraft Plug-ins you can probably figure out a couple of the ones Justin has adapted to fit EMC. The best example is Residence. But there is other stuff... I am not really the one to ask

    As for why this plug-in wouldn't fit in. EMC is primarily a Vanilla Server. Although one could argue that Town destroys that completely, the Wild is Intentionally untouched. This plug-in completely tears the word Vanilla up into Micro-sized pieces and then comes back together to form the word McDonalds. That terrible metaphor probably doesn't make any sense, but the point is that it destroys all aspects of Vanilla Minecraft to create an RPG. I enjoy RPGs as much as the next guy, but this is Minecraft. You adventure through the wilderness, Mine blocks, Craft things, and build. The only leveling up you should have to do is to either enchant a Pickaxe (which is already in the game) or mine some diamonds to craft stronger Armor.

    I tried to get creative with my answer - I hope it makes sense to you. To put it most simply. No
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  17. *cough* List at /? *cough*
  18. Boy you need to be careful where you are coughing it could be contagious.
    *cough* Couldn't remember the *cough* Command
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  19. *cough* Chickens know everything - that too is contagious. *cough*
  20. Darn, you quoted me before I changed it...
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