[Suggestion] Max Ent Count 350.

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  1. Hello guys, as you know, EMC has a good system for Mob Farms, being able to grnd on one server, and have EXP On all the servers, but the Ent Count is only 250. Most farms need 180, and with other mobs, and friendly Animals, it becomes a close call. I was thinking to raise it to 350, just to allow for that little bit extra room, in case you AFK a few minutes too long and it gets reset, or if you need to enchant for 39 levels etc. Im not sure if it is possible with lag and what not, but if it is possible, and doesnt efect lag, I think it would be a good idea.
  2. Some spelling errors,but this idea will not work,large amounts of lag will occur...
  3. Criticism on very minor spelling is not worth pointing out, that's just nit-picky, especially if you're not even going to put spaces after comma's or use sentence structure -_-

    If this doesn't cause massive amounts of lag I would think it would be fine, but since Aikar was the one who set it at 250, and the one who actually does know whether or not it will cause lag, I would assume the 250 was done because it was the max with no lag. Might as well wait for a staff member to comment though.
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  4. Yeah, I was thinking that he set it at that limit for a reason, or another idea would be bump up the Exp level for mobs, just like a 5 more Exp for the 180, so we can get the levels safely. But ultimately it's up to Aikar etc, as we don't even know how much lag it will cause etc :p
  5. No lag for HIM, not the rest the of us who have very cheap internet...
  6. I think the main thing of concern right now is server side lag, which affects everybody, regardless of internet. If you're internet isn't the greatest, or your computer for that matter, you most likely won't be hanging around private mob farms even if they "only" have 250 anyways, so an increase to 350 really wouldn't change much client side.
  7. I like this idea - it's been suggested before, but outrageous amounts like 700 mobs or something. But considering half of the residences on EMC don't even have mobs on them is good because it wouldn't really affect lag. (I hope that made sense)
    Magic's spelling is fine, you don't have to look at the negative side of things here - instead of "this idea will not work", try "Good idea! But I do not think I would work due to [blah blah blah]".
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  8. I don't grind much but when I do I do not see what the current problem is with 250 entities.