[Suggestion] Map show for friends

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  1. Hey EMC,

    I have noticed this a lot, and I am sure i am not the only one.... Have you ever wanted to put map show on for a group of friends? Well this would allow you to be able to do so. The way this would work is as follows....

    Ingame you can type

    /mapshow (Name)

    And that would allow that player, to login on the site and view the map, and they will be able to see you on the map, but others wont be able to...

    Although the map show list would reset say every 24 hours after entering a player name.

    Just something that has been on my head to help allow friends to see you, but not unwanted people, so you can hide your base location better...

    Feel free to comment,

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  2. I only see one problem with this, you don't have to log in to view the live map. So there is no way of telling who is viewing the live map.
  3. They could program it so the map is cached with the site, so it will only show if you login on the site and then visit the map... ?
  4. Then they would have to log in to see the map
  5. Not really as if they where not logged in, it would show the map as normal, it would only show the custom map when logged, in... Think of it as the site, When you are logged in and when you are not, :p
  6. Tru Dat *claps* ;):p