[ SUGGESTION ] Make renamed items "usable"

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  1. So I have some renamed diamond blocks and they can't be crafted down to regular diamonds. Not too long ago I could do this, but now I can't. I also heard that you can't craft anything with a renamed item. Can we fix this?

    Did Aikar change this due to people using promo items to craft different items?
  2. lol
    This would be nice, i have this problem too
  3. Aikar said he will get to this eventually, but according to him it is a large fix.

    From what I know it has to do with the ability to craft dragon stones. The changes to the crafting system caused it. Hopefully aikar will fix it soon. Getting impatient.
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  4. Was
    this announced because you seem to be the ony one that knows this information ._.
  5. Not really announced, but some players (like me :p) had asked Aikar about it.
    @Aikar if you read this: Villager trading still works for renamed items.... So maybe making a custom villager or two with trades for iron => iron, gold => gold, diamond => diamond etc. with common items could be a viable workaround until the crafting system can be fixed.
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