[Suggestion]Make Live Map easier to use

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  1. So, I had a few ideas that might make Live Map a little bit easier to use.
    1. Allow for arrow keys to pan map left/right/up/down. On computers such as macs that don't have mice, well, using the cursor is bound to be difficult.
    2. Add areas where you can enter coords and the map goes to that coordinate. This would enable you to view a far-away base quickly if you know where it is.
    3. Allow people to set a "home point." You click that area or something and a little flag appears there, and if you stray off and want to return, you just click a button. This would be useful for people who are looking for a good place to make a base and don't want to lose sight of an area. Though they could use coords, this might be faster and easier.
    These are just my ideas. Thanks!
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  3. Here's an easy fix: Get a USB mouse. ;)
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