[ SUGGESTION ] Make EMC appealing to Minecraft players in Eurasia ( Asia and Europe )

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by RyugaXI, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. I say this because when I log on in the afternoon (which is around 12 - 6am EMC time) there's only about 60 - 90 people online, whereas if I log on at 10PM, (which is 10am EMC time) there can easily be over 200 players. And since EMC is all about interacting with other players, I believe that EMC should also cater to Asian and European players. Feel free to comment on what you think!
  2. Theres not much we can directly control there. EU wise we're actually pretty active in already, a decent percentage of our staff is even from the area.

    but for the others, that I would suspect has more to do with Minecraft not being as popular there.

    We can't directly influence this as theres no way we could ever justify translating EMC into other languages, and we would have to split up chat channels for other languages, which fragments the community, kind of going against the suggestion, as having other languages in the public chat channels is a detriment to the english speakers, as when you cant understand whats being said, it registers to you as spam.

    That's why we ask foreign language conversations to be held in private chat channels.

    So, while it would be nice in theory if people from those areas who speak english was to join, I don't think we can influence that anymore. We even have a paid server list advertisement on a EU server list website (ServerPact), but these sites we use are also used by people in other countries, but they prefer to stick to servers that is tailored to their native language.
  3. To be honest, quite a large percentage of Asians speak English, including Chinese people. ( I should know because I'm Chinese, haha ) However, you may be right about Minecraft not being too popular here. From what I can see, most people are more interested in the mobile gaming scene ( CoC particularly, maybe a bit of FIFA 15 UT ) and MMOs such as DoTa, Starcraft, etc. which probably makes me a hipster. =\ Anyways, I agree with you Aikar, it is quite hard to attract Asian players. :(